bơm định lượng MXM (50 / 60Hz)

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  • Thông số kỹ thuật cho MXM (50 / 60Hz) • công suất xả tối đa: 500 / 600L / min • Chiều cao cột bơm tối đa: 30 / 42m • Vật liệu chính: CFRETFE • Dải điện yêu cầu: 1.5 đến 4.0kW • Nhiệt độ chất lỏng khoảng: -10 đến 100 C độ.
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Thông số kỹ thuật cho MXM (50 / 60Hz)
• Công suất xả tối đa: 500 / 600L / min
• Chiều cao cột bơm tối đa:  30 / 42m
• Vật liệu chính:   CFRETFE
• điện áp yêu cầu: 1.5 đến 4.0kW

• Nhiệt độ chất lỏng : -10 đến 100 C độ. 


Better withstanding difficult operating conditions
The proven non-contact system and self-radiating bearing structure deliver substantial improvements in tolerance of dry running and poor suction conditions.

 Non contact system                                                               
Unlike conventional  magnetic drive pumps,the MXM series are designed to prevent contact between the bearing and the rear thrust faces,even during dry running or air ingress into the suction.  By preventing contact , the rear thrust ring minimizes heat generation to prevent melting of plastic parts.                                                          

Self-radiation structure (PAT-PEND)
(international patent applied)

Through heat-dispertion holes provided in the fixed portions of the impeller and the magnet capsule, the liquid around the spindle and the bearing is forced to circulate so that heat generated by sliding can be reduced effectively.Thus, thermal deformation and melt are prevented.

Exceptional corrosion resistance

The MXM series employ optimum anti-corrosive materials such as carbon fiber reinforced ETFE(CFRETFE),
fine ceramic and carbon for parts that come in contact with liquid .The most suitable impeller size and motor output can be selected for the required liquid density.


Robust structure
The pumps have an external armour of high strength ductile cast  iron for use in heavy duty chemical process applications.

Enhanced safety
The MXM feature  a unique rear casing shape designed to prevent stress concentration .This increases both the pump's pressure resistance and the mechanical strength of the spindle support.The high temperature model uses a dual structure incorporating  an FRP rear casing cover .In addition to further increasing the pump's pressure resistance ,it improves safety with dual containment preventing liquid leakage in the event of unexpected damage to the rear casing.

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